Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hotdog 'n' Hamburger

So over at SpeakeasyFX we are creating short films starring our latest creations - Hotdog and Hamburger! This has been an absolutely amazing project to work on. Overall (so far) this has been a completely collaborative effort with everyone related to the studio having a say in every aspect of the film-making process from the initial concept, to design, story, animation, editing, music, sound FX... you name it, we have a voice in it. It has really lett us sharpen our skills in all areas of film making, or just in parts that we as individuals want to take the time to focus on.

Here are the first two episodes we have finished, Episode 3 should be out shortly!
Hopefully you all have as much fun watching these episodes as we all did creating them!

Episode 1 - Meat Scoop

Episode 2 - Lunch Break