Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Work!

So like I said... I wanted to start using this blog for posting my artwork, and I'm finally starting to! I made a new years resolution to do at least 1 sketch a day and write 1 new song a week for 2010. So far I am 3 sketches behind, but have 4 more days to write a song! I'll try and post my new music on here as soon as I figure out how! Instead of typing this I should be drawing my three sketches... off to work!

I recently took a trip out to Columbus Ohio to visit (at the time) a special lady friend of mine... and now my girlfriend Cori.
We pretty much spent most of the weekend driving around with her singing along to the radio and me just quietly listening!
I didn't take many photos that weekend, actually almost none at all, but this pretty much sums up the experience I had!

Thanks to my good friend Cesar Tafoya for all his feedback and support as I stumble my way back into the world of Photoshop!

More to come soon!

PS: Comments and Crits are extremley welcome!!!

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  1. Cool work man. Sorry I haven't posted more frequently, I've been really busy. How's Sesame Street treating you?