Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So my New Year's Resolution was to do one sketch a day and one illustration a week, and then post it here to catalog everything!
Needless to say I am failing miserably!
While I have been sketching (ALMOST) everyday, I haven't been posting anything at all! I'm going to try and get better at that!

So for now, here is a drawing I did of Ariel. I found some great advice from this blog: Rads How To on how to get better at drawing by breaking down a shot from classic Disney films.

I decided to tackle this pose of Ariel since I always seem to have difficulty drawing subtle things!
Here's the process I used!

First I broke down the pose to its basic elements.

Then I added the more to the form with sharper lines.

Added in her hair.

Did some light tone to give a little more form.

And then I just darkened the empty space around her just to make it pop a little. Although there are some proportional issues I'm fairly happy with the end result!

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  1. hi! can i use this picture for my blog? hope you will allow me :) if its ok. i really like it. ill make this a part of my logo. pretty pleasE?